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BonoTom Studio, Inc. provides full-service design, production, art direction, and print management services for associations, corporations, and businesses nationwide. Our studio focuses on national association and consumer publications, collateral materials, advertising, and editorial communication.


Do you have a vision for a publication? Whether it’s stories, photography, or anything else, you have an award-winning ally in BonoTom Studio, Inc. More than three decades of experience equip us to take your project from vision to design to reality — while staying on-budget and on-time. It’s incredibly important to us to capture your unique concept and make your publication a thing of true delight for you and your readers, so choose the team who will go the extra distance for you.


Successful publications are more complex than people give them credit for, but when you work with BonoTom Studio, you don’t have to worry about your vision getting lost in the weeds. Instead, you can depend on us to handle all the moving parts and steer your project to completion. From design to art direction to photo selection to print management, we can handle it all. Whether you’re building a newsletter, a media kit, or a magazine, we’ll surpass your expectations.

art direction
art direction

It’s time to make your publication dream a reality. Our award-winning team is ready to help you make a name for yourself (or reinforce your brand). You can trust us to take the time to fully understand your vision and direction. We’ll keep you involved to the level you desire, going the extra distance to make sure you’re thrilled with the results. Contact us today to get started!

print management
print management
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print design

BonoTom Studio provides full-service design, production, art direction, and print management services for associations, corporations, and businesses nationwide.

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welcome to bonotom

Our design firm can give you a more beautiful and successful publication. With decades of industry experience, our talented team can bring your vision to fruition at a price that’s just right!


We have been in the magazine design business for more than 30 years with the most respected designers in the industry.

magazine design


We are uniquely qualified to provide you with a quality publication because our focus has always been the design and production of magazines.

art direction

We know how to stick with budgets and meet deadlines without compromising quality. In our years as designers and publishers, we’ve worked with brand new publishers, long-time veterans, and everything in between.


All of the folks at BonoTom are a joy to work with. Their visual sensibilities are always top-notch; they’re experts at developing layouts that complement the stories in Contingencies. The BonoTom team is unflappable in the face of deadlines and adept at defusing crises—and they do it all with a sense of humor and fellowship that makes the process a pleasure. I value our partnership and look forward to many more years of working together.

—Eric P. Harding, Editor, Contingencies