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Why Regular Publications Are Integral To Your Organization's Success

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

What’s the key to effective communication that turns a regular person into a supporter of your organization, and a supporter into a consistent patron that participates in or contributes regularly to your organization? The answer is consistency.

Business owners around America throw money at social media and advertising everyday, only to get inconsistent results. This shotgun approach to outreach is understandable: after all, it’s more difficult than ever for companies to grab and keep the public’s attention on or control the narrative of stories related to their business. Organizations like yours, however, don’t have the time or budget to waste on imprecise outreach methods. You need something less precise than the fickle world of social media audiences and more direct than impersonal ad campaigns. What your organization needs is to produce a regular publication, like a magazine or a quarterly.

Newsletters are a fine solution for businesses looking to grow their client base and announce new products or sales initiatives, but for organizations with bigger-picture goals, be they shaping political policy, driving awareness of a public health issue, or building the reputation of a new, lesser-known industry, producing a regular publication like a magazine or quarterly is the best way to reach the right people.

A well-designed magazine or quarterly sharpens and reinforces your messaging with supporters and patrons while boosting your organization’s standing in your industry and amongst the general public. When your publication is designed by a top-flight publication design company like BonoTom Studio, Inc, you’ll have a visually stunning publication that keeps patrons engaged, converts supporters into patrons, and increases your organization’s standing in your industry. Producing a regular publication can benefit your organization in a number of ways. Start designing your own magazine today with the print design experts at BonoTom Studio. We’ll make your dream magazine a reality for your organization.

Regular Publications Sharpen Your Messaging

With how much information is constantly being shared online these days, organizations of all sizes know how important it is to have control of the narrative surrounding their business. While publishing practically any kind of publication allows your organization the opportunity to seize control of the conversation, you lose out on the power of momentum unless you publish a publication regularly.

By giving your patrons and supporters something they can expect to receive on a timely basis, you increase their awareness of, and engagement with, your organization and its goals. And by producing new content regularly, you can take full advantage of magazines’ versatility as a form of communication. While everyday businesses might focus their newsletters on sales initiatives or new product announcements, your organization  can produce content that tackles a variety of goals, from informative articles on your work that inspire new supporters and increase loyalty to more philosophical pieces that reinforce your organization’s mission and encourage donations. Your possibilities for the goals you can tackle with your content are endless, and the consistency of producing these publications regularly will only help increase their effectiveness.

Regular Publications Increase Engagement And Brand Awareness

The boost that consistency will give to the effectiveness of your communication isn’t limited to your current audience of patrons and supporters — producing a regular publication will boost your standing in the public sphere, too. The more the average person sees something in their lives, the more familiar it becomes to them. This is what advertising makes its money on. The more often that a member of the public hears one of their friends talking about your organization, the more likely they are to check it out for themselves. The more often that a journalist notices your publication or hears it being discussed by other people, the more likely they are to cover it. Producing a regular magazine or quarterly builds up your base of content and develops your organization's reputation for initiating conversations on topics related to your industry. Essentially, if you keep talking about what you’re doing, eventually, more people will listen.

Producing content regularly also helps your search rankings online. The algorithms that Google uses to rank results on its search page like and prefer sites that consistently produce and add new content, because it’s more likely to be a source of high-quality information.

Regular Publications Increase Your Industry Standing

This same principle of consistency applies to your organization’s standing in your industry, as well. Much like producing a regular publication will develop your reputation amongst the public as a subject matter authority over time, so too will doing so increase your organization’s reputation amongst others in your industry. Regardless of the line of work, people passionate about an industry will read everything out there about it, regardless of if the producer is an associate or a competitor. Producing a magazine or quarterly for your organization will keep people up to date on your work in fulfilling your mission and put your organization closer and closer to the forefront of the conversations that shape your industry.

Regular Publications Help Generate New Leads

What good is high standing in the public or in an industry if you can’t leverage it to reach your goals? The value of all this reputation-building is in the expanded base of support you can build with it. By engaging your supporters and members of the public with a regular magazine or quarterly, you’re increasing your number of patrons, increasing your likelihood for grants, and increasing public support for your organization. You’re also increasing your clout within your industry, which could open the door for fruitful partnerships and the opportunity to share your organization’s goals at larger industry events. Increased visibility can only mean good things for your organization, and producing regular content can help get you there faster.

Regular Publications Can Help You Optimize Your Work Processes

Finally, just as producing a regular publication can help sharpen your organization's messaging and goals for readers, it can also help you more clearly define your goals and action plans as a company. Producing content regularly that digs into the how and why of what your organization does naturally lends itself to reflecting on your work processes and how they could be further optimized to more effectively meet your mission. Creating a consistent public record of your goals as an organization increases your accountability for meeting those goals efficiently, and can inspire further motivation amongst staff to do so.

When you’re getting your magazine or quarterly designed, choose the best publication design studio in Washington, D.C.: BonoTom Studio. Our designers have over three decades of experience that we’ll use to create the versatile, visually stunning magazine of your dreams. We can help manage any and all parts of the publication production process that you need, from print design down to publication, no matter whether you’re a magazine veteran or completely new. Call us today!

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